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So you are looking for a English language Proficiency Test, in which you can get your required band and fly to your dream country. By now, you must be aware about IELTS and you would have tightened your belt to get your required band, then suddenly someone tells you to go for CELPIP instead.  And now you get confused. But don’t worry about it. I will superficially explain the pros and cons of both. Superficially? Because, otherwise it will become too lengthy. 



Here are the main differences 

Well, the first difference is that IELTS is available in both paper based and computer based format, however, CELPIP is available in only computer based format. 

The second difference is its acceptability. While IELTS, as English Language test is accepted everywhere but CELPIP accepted in Canada only. Well, what do I mean by “accepted everywhere”. Let me first explain this. Suppose you have IELTS score and you are applying for Canada but suddenly your plan changes to Australia. Then you can use the same score for Australia. For Australia, you will need either IELTS or PTE Academic. Now you will think that you wanted to understand the difference between IELTS and CELPIP, but now you are in for a new surprise. But wait a minute or even less and you will understand it.

So by now you understand that CELPIP is the alternative of IELTS for Canada. Similarly, PTE Academic is the alternative of IELTS for Australia and the last one of the series i.e. TOEFL, this the alternative of IELTS for USA. 

The other main difference is the number and types of  questions. 

” IELTS is the most widely accepted test, however, CELPIP score is accepted only in Canada”.


Finally, you should take decision based on the following things.


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