Will or Shall !! Which one should you use?

Will or Shall !! Which one should you use? Do you sometimes get confused about it? yes, this is the case with many. Students are taught in school that “shall” should be used with the first person singular and plural number. But when you see people using “will” most of the time, you get confused.Below I am explaining in simple language about the use of will and shall in the past and present time. Please read on.

Old Grammar

As far as shall is concerned, in the past shall would be used in two cases 1] with the first person singular and plural number or 2]with all others except first person singular and plural number in case of emphatic sentences. Similarly, “will” is used to express future time without wherever “shall” cannot be used according to Grammar. But this used to happen in old-time or it is considered according to old grammar. In USA the use of “shall” became obsolete long back. But Britain and Commonwealth countries kept following the same old rule till now.

Modern Grammar

However, with the advent of information technology, the American way of use got accepted almost everywhere. Because in this age whatever is easy because viral and travels beyond boundaries within seconds. Now, “will” is used frequently with all number and persons or in other words with all subjects. So comparatively it is easy now. In formal English or particularly in written English, people mostly use old rule. So we should also comply with it in specific cases. There is a reason behind it. Most of the people on high rank are still from old age who have not witnessed the surge of knowledge as this generation has done. So they are reluctant to change the rule they read in their life. So we should respect them for now. Visit our language classes for more tips.

Now there is one more question which you may want to ask, according to old Grammar “shall” should be used with I and We but only in normal case and with other subjects “will” should be used. However, in case of emphatic sentences, the above rule should be reversed. Which means where “shall” is used in normal case “will” should be used and vice versa. But now in the modern grammar as we use “will” in all the cases so we just add Surel/Certainly after “will” to make it emphatice.

Hence, getting rid of the tension created in high school is as simple!!!!

You may watch my video here on the same topic. It’s explained in Hind/Urdu though.


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