Unusual Ways To Improve Your English

Those who start learning English late usually want it easy and smooth. Since they want it easy, so they search for easy unusual ways for English Improvement. Here I would like to give some ideas for unusual ways to English improvement.

[1] Listening to songs in two languages: Yes these two languages are your own native language and English language. Listening songs are fun, aren’t they? But at the same time if try to learn English, how would it be? Amazing off course? For doing that when you are listening to a song in your language think how can this be sung in English. I mean just the translation not necessary you sing in rhythm and with music. Similarly, when you are listening to an English song try to understand everything in your native language.

[2] Watching movies and TV serials of your own language: Watch Movies and TV serials in your own language. And when you watch do think how the same thing would be spoken in your English language.In this way, without an environment of English, you will create an environment for yourself.

[3] Be Active selfish listener in social life:

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