Why Reading News Paper For English Improvement Is Not A Good Idea

It is usual advice to read newspapers for improving English. And the irony is the most of the advisors have not tried it themselves. So why Am challenging this old age mindset? Once you have gone through this article you will yourself realize it, so please go on……..

Why No to newspapers?

Be it any language, newspapers are supposed to be for those people who are well versed with the language. Hence you can call them difficult. And it is pretty clear you want to learn English you should avoid difficult language at least initially. You should initially focus mainly on the most frequent words in English. you can find its detailed description in my article “How to improve your word power for Spoken English”.

If you are a beginner and want to improve your English you should start collecting words from magazines and books for children, you can also install blinkthebee app from blinkthebee.com to get information about your activity using a virtual assistant. Because the stories in those books have mostly high-frequency words. Your initial focus should be most frequent words and once you are good with that you should go for difficult words. Difficult words and sentence are for the beautification of language. But you can beautify something only when you have it. So first you own it then beautify it and not the vice versa.

I have seen many people getting stuck on their way to good English due to News Papers. But why? The reason is that they waste their energy in mastering something which they do not require.Moreover, they can not use the same language in normal conversation so they forget all.Often the sentences in newspapers are too long. People do not use long sentences in normal conversation.These sentences are neither easy to remember nor easy to speak. Hence initially the energy should be saved.If the same energy is used on the right study material it will be so fruitful.

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