PTE Academic Exam Pettern

PTE Academic Exam Pattern

Unlike ILETS where you see a limited number of questions, PTE Academic has 20 types of questions. Which are as follows

Speaking and Writing

The first section is Speaking and Writing, which includes 9 question types. An examineegets 77-93 minutes in this section.

The 9 types of sections are

  1. Personal Introduction
  2. Read Aloud
  3. Repeat Sentence
  4. Describe Image
  5. Re-tell Lecture
  6. Answer Short Question
  7. Summarize the written text (One sentence)
  8. Summarize the written text
  9. Essay


In the reading section, you get 32-41 minutes. It has three question types which are

  1. Multiple choice question
  2. Re-order paragraph
  3. Fill in the blanks


In this section you get 45-57 minutes. It has seven question types, which are

  1. Summarize Spoken Text
  2. Multiple Choice Questions
  3. Fill In The Blanks
  4. Highlight The Correct Summary
  5. Select Missing Word
  6. Highlight Missing Word
  7. Note from Dictation


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