Improve Pronunciation without reading any book

Since you are reading this article I can say you want to impress people by your pronunciation. But unfortunately, you get stuck in various unwanted things, which doesnt seem to give you results. One of them must be how to use vowel and consonants for good pronunciation. And what a pity! In most of the cases instead of giving the result, it gives anxiety. Because many a time you dont deliver what you learn and you deliver what you dont learn.

So, this is the problem but what is the solution? Well, You can improve Pronunciation using novel ways. It is not like trying to remember books after books. You should watch videos which you can understand. Preferably, those videos in which English has been spoken by a person of your own country. Because different accent wont bother you. Many people make educational videos, upload them on YouTube and after that use online service for selling likes, to achieve better visibility on social media networks. So these could be found easily. And most of the professional non-native speakers, speak neutral English. And whether neutral or global accent, both rocks in today’s world. Later on, as you become comfortable choose watch videos of native speakers.

When you start listening to people for English improvement, initially don’t fall for those people whose styleyou love but can not understand. Initially, it is better to listen to someone who can fully comprehend. Because better pronunciation is a step by step process and needs preservance.

Now that you are watching and listening. Yes! Listening not hearing, you can easily differentiate between good and bad pronunciation. Now follow some people and listen to them on regular basis those you adore as far as pronunciation is concerned. Pronunciation is like songs. Because more you listen, more you hum the same way. So listen to wonderful speakers, pick the wonderful words spoken by them and be a wonderful speaker. Best of luck!

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