How To Improve Your Communication

The reason you are here is that you want very good communication. Here, by communication, we mean English communication, though communication in any language is an art. This art is rarely inborn but has to be learnt. But in case of English which has global importance, it becomes more important.

Here the question is specific to the English language only i.e. How to improve English language communication? To understand it better. We can divide it into two parts. (1) Learn how to speak proper English? & (2) How to communicate properly. The second part is not related to English only.Becuase good communication is a quality in any language.How to communicate properly includes various other skills like soft skill, selection of words, voice modulation etc. And right now we will discuss Part one only for the sake of keeping it brief and in ascending order. And we will discuss the second part in some other blog.

So lets begin with the first one.
(1) Learn how to speak proper English: If you want your English to be flawless you need two things.

(a)Proper sentences (2) Proper words. Now lets understand both one by one.

(a) Proper sentences: Making proper sentences for good communication is like getting good roads to drive on. And if the roads on which you drive are smooth and pleasant, the journey becomes pleasant too. So unless the sentences are smooth and easy to speak it brings several problems. For a good communicator, sentences must come effortlessly. Which requires a good deal of practice. So practice the sentence types.Yes! Sentence types not the sentences first. Now what is the sentence types and how many are they?

There are almost 35 sentence types we need to master to be a good speaker. But how to calculate them? It is not difficult you can also do it. So lets start. As we know tenses include Active Voice and passive voice. In Active Voice, there are four types in each tense viz. Present, Past, and future. Hence 3 multiplied by 4 will be twelve. But there are some other types in it too. So make it 15. Now in Passive Voice, there are only 8 types. Because we do not have Perfect Continous Tense in any of the three Tneses Viz. Present, Past, and Future. So if we remove the last one i.e. Perfect Continous from all the three, we are left with nine. But there is one more item missing from it, which is Future Continous Tense. So now we are left with 8 types. So till now, we have counted 15+8=23.

Now if we add the use of Is, Am and Are Was and Were Have, Has and Had & Will and Shall. Broadly speaking there will be 9 more types. So adding them in the previous count makes it 23+9=22. If we include sentence types like Causative sentences, Forms of Subjects and Miscellaneous. At the max, you need nearly 35 types of sentences for good English communication. So to be a wonderful communicator you need approximately 35 types of sentences.Given the wonderful effect it will have, the pain is not that big.

(b) Proper Words: As far as proper words are concerned, you do not need thousands of words but just limit yourself within 3000 properly selected words and it will do. You may read more description about it by clicking on the following link.

How to improve your word power for Spoken English

The Practice needed on daily basis

It is a common complaint that since I do not have English speaking environment so I can not speak.But please get rid of this suicidal notion. Success comes by sailing against odds, not the other way. So make your round the clock environment in your mind. If you get someone to speak with, it is fine else just be your environment. But how?
Let me explain it to you. First of all human mind thinks all the time. And yes in the language he/she know or uses the most. So start thinking everything in English or at least try to make English of whatever you have thought in your language. It may be initially tough but carry on. If you persist, it is bound to be easy.
The second thing you have to do is, either you are speaking or somebody else speaking in whichever language. Try to think how the same would be spoken if spoken in English. This makes your English wonderful. The reason is that the people from Non-native country learn very basic English sentence structures and words.They dont have a good practice on real-life structures and sentences, so they fail. But what I just said, gives you the opportunity to practice real life sentences. This way your speaking become superb. You may check the link below where I have written a related article.

Unusual Ways To Improve Your English

Further, If you have someone who can explain you the difficult sentences, it is good. But if you do not have click on the facebook icon on my website like my facebook page i.e. @ultimate English 4 u and post any type of problem you face in English.
Wish you a happy journey to Ultimate English.

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